What is Good Design?

There are a lot of people who want to make graphic designing their career. It is a unique skill, and several companies are willing to pay well for your services. But, is it not exactly easy to develop this skill and become an expert at creating good designs.

A good design is not just something that looks beautiful. There are two criteria that it should pass before it can impress design critics. Those criteria are as follows:

Good design should be functional. In graphic design, the purpose of design is to deliver a single message. Your output must be able to bridge a thought from the client to the audience. Unlike art, a design should not be open to several interpretations – there should only be one, and that should depend on what the client wants.

Good design should be visually pleasing. You cannot simply scribble on a piece of paper, stick it on a wall, and call it a good poster. Good design should look good. By putting together and manipulating different design elements, you can create something that will catch the attention of your audience, encapsulate the identity of the brand, look good, and deliver the message effectively.

There are a lot of ways for you to master creating good designs. You can enroll in online classes, watch tutorial videos during your spare time, read books, and practice. You can even look for websites or companies that hold design competitions and join to see how you will fare. If you win, that means you have been improving. If you don’t, then consider it as a good experience where you can draw inspiration. Look at the winning pieces and be inspired. With a little more time, you’ll be able to create designs as good as theirs, or even better.